About us

Here at the penny stock hero we are straight to the point with ALL our members!! We like to make everyone aware that our Newsletter gets paid to market penny stocks and we don't try to hide it!! Hey 99% of ALL Newsletters get paid or benefit from alerting penny stocks to buy to their members, yet they make it seem like they are just looking out for your best interest. We are not going to beat around the bush and tell our members that we have found the next Apple or Google. The best penny stocks we alert are 99% of the time about to undergo a Marketing (Promotion) program and we tend to be one of the first newsletters to alert that stock. So it's time people began to see what Penny Stock Newsletters are really all about and begin playing these stocks with that in mind.

Who Is The Penny Stock Hero?

The answer to that question does no justice to his position in the penny stock market so I'll refrain from answering it altogether. It's not "WHO Is The Penny Stock Hero?" that you should be asking... it's: WHAT Is The Penny Stock Hero? The Penny Stock Hero is best described as the internet's own "John Galt of Penny Stocks". To many, the Penny Stock Hero is a figure of inspiration that symbolizes all of Wall Street's mediocrity and how there exists certain champions of mankind... a select few elite thinkers capable of moving entire markets by applying the power and glory of the human mind. By going "on strike" and refusing to ever trade stocks again based on the conventional, widely accepted principles of fundamental & technical analysis -- he turned his back on the financial system, accepted the absolute truth that it's inherently flawed and began to trade stocks on his premise that the human race is in a state of irreversible helplessness and despair.

The Penny Stock Hero's Philosophy
  • First and foremost, alert the hottest penny stocks to watch in the market
  • Fear and irrational human behaviors will eventually cause Wall Street to collapse;
  • There will exist a certain breed of traders positioned to reap enormous profits while others experience demise;
  • We are in the zone at all times! We know what is going on in our industry! Other Penny Stock Newsletters ask us to be part of their marketing programs, so we are always in the loop!
  • SMS! We not only use e-mail, but also use text messaging when alerting our most recent stock picks.